I should have earned ACS Author Rewards in 2014, but I have not received a letter. Where are my ACS Author Rewards?

Please contact the ACS Customer Services & Information Help Desk at  support@services.acs.org with information including your full name, contact information, and the DOI(s) or link(s) to the published article(s) at ACS where you believe rewards were earned.

If there are five authors of an article, do they all get the ACS Author Rewards credit or just primary authors?

Only the corresponding author named on the published article (the primary corresponding author) receives ACS Author Rewards credits. It’s a total of $1,500 in credits per published article; at this author’s own choosing, the credits may be given to one or more co-authors or other colleagues.

Can an ACS Author Rewards credit voucher be split?

ACS Author Rewards will be issued as 2 credits, each worth $750 for a total value of $1,500 per article published in 2014. They will be redeemable for open access publishing services from ACS. The two $750 credits can be: Used individually on 2 separate articles published Open Access. Combined … Continue reading “Can an ACS Author Rewards credit voucher be split?”

Can ACS Author Reward credits be redeemed for cash, products, services, or ACS membership?

No. Credits can only be used for ACS AuthorChoice options from January 1, 2015, to December 31, 2017. ACS Author Reward credits have no monetary value.

Is there a limit on the number of ACS Author Reward credits that can be earned?

No. Corresponding authors, named on published peer-reviewed articles, can earn an unlimited number of ACS Author Rewards credits during 2014; credits are based on full-year publication records with ACS in 2014.

Are ACS Author Reward credits transferable to another author?

Yes, the published corresponding author may transfer credits to any other colleague to apply toward any ACS AuthorChoice option during 2015-2017.  Transferring is as easy as giving your colleague the promotion code, and the colleague may then use the promotion code.

Why is ACS offering the ACS Author Rewards program?

ACS recognizes that research communities may require time to fund and transition to new open access publishing models and for this reason is sponsoring a direct-to-author open access stimulus program, ACS Author Rewards. Given the nearly 40,000 articles published across the Society’s portfolio of journals annually, this stimulus program presents … Continue reading “Why is ACS offering the ACS Author Rewards program?”