How do I change the built-in Firefox PDF Viewer?

Firefox recently changed the Portal Document Format (PDF) to use the Firefox built-in PDF Viewer. You can use another PDF viewer like Adobe Reader by changing the default PDF viewer. To switch from the Firefox default PDF viewer to another PDF viewer: Open Firefox and click on the 'Tools' menu … Continue reading “How do I change the built-in Firefox PDF Viewer?”

Where can I find the Supporting Information Link for ACS Publications articles?

When you are viewing an article on the Publications site, there is a "Supporting Information" link presented, if there is any supporting information available for the article. You will see a "Supporting Information" link to the right of the title in a box under Article Options . The link's location is … Continue reading “Where can I find the Supporting Information Link for ACS Publications articles?”

CAS CA Section Subject-Based Tagging FAQs

  What ACS Publications content is categorized by CAS? CAS categorizes scholarly content, which includes, but is not exclusive to, the following article types: research articles, perspectives, communications, reviews, letters, and additions and corrections. Tags have been applied to articles in the front file (articles published from 1996 forward). Some … Continue reading “CAS CA Section Subject-Based Tagging FAQs”

Where can I find the "Educational Videos on Publishing Peer-Reviewed Research"?

  These videos are located on the Publications Web site at the URL below. Jump to the Publications Site for the videos    

Ordering Commercial Reprints for ACS Articles

Author Reprints of articles published in ACS Journals may be ordered via links from your galley proofs e-mails. Reprints are produced on-demand by our production partner, Cierant Corporation, and will be billed to you by Cierant. All orders will be processed at the time that the article is published. Please … Continue reading “Ordering Commercial Reprints for ACS Articles”

ACS Publications website: Alternate Table of Contents (TOC) View Options

All ACS Publications journals, ACS Symposium Series books, and the C&EN Archives now provide two alternate viewing options in addition to the standard List View. All full Tables of Contents and Search Results now have a three-button interface for switching between the options. The Grid View was originally introduced as … Continue reading “ACS Publications website: Alternate Table of Contents (TOC) View Options”

What OSS can do in NetFORUM & PMA?

The ACS Office of Society Services (OSS) can make most of these changes in PMA and then it passes the info to NetFORUM – they are not supposed to be updating member records directly, but this is their workaround. Feel free to send any of these types of requests to … Continue reading “What OSS can do in NetFORUM & PMA?”

Where can I find the Division of Education’s exam study guide?

    The study guides can be found at the URL below.  

Will ACS Mobile be available for other smart phone platforms?

Although the ACS Mobile App is only available in Android and iOS, ACS offers more options to access journal content on mobile platforms. Please refer to this link:

New Release of ACS Web Editions Platform on Saturday, July 10

On Saturday, July 10, ACS staff from WASH IT and Publications units will be deploying a substantial new release to the ACS Web Editions Platform. During this weekend’s transition the ACS Journals website will be placed in Read Only mode. Subscriber access to ACS Journals, ACS Books, C&EN Online, and … Continue reading “New Release of ACS Web Editions Platform on Saturday, July 10”