Where will ORCID identifiers appear?

The ORCID identifier will appear in the HTML and PDF versions of published ACS journal articles. 

I just registered for an ORCID ID, how long until it shows up in my ACS profile?

It will show up immediately if you registered from ACS Paragon Plus, or will show up immediately after you add it to your ACS Paragon Plus profile.  

Is my information safe with ORCID?

Data security and privacy is a top concern for ORCID. Data are stored on servers inaccessible via an internet connection. Only Record (account) holders and their assigned delegates can modify a profile. ORCID utilizes three privacy settings for all data recorded in your ORCID profile: Public: Viewable by anyone who … Continue reading “Is my information safe with ORCID?”

What’s the cost for getting an ORCID identifier?

There is no cost associated with obtaining an ORCID Identifer..

I already have an ORCID ID. What do I need to do?

You will need to validate your ORCID identifier within ACS Paragon Plus. This validation can be done via your ACS Paragon Plus profile or during manuscript revision. Your validated ORCID identifier will remain within your profile in ACS Paragon Plus and will be attached to all future articles you publish … Continue reading “I already have an ORCID ID. What do I need to do?”

Will articles I publish with ACS automatically be added to my ORCID Profile?

Yes, if an ORCID identifier was provided during submission or manuscript revision, your ORCID profile will be automatically updated through automation with CrossRef. ACS Publications will handle this automatic deposit and there is no additional action required by the author.  

I don’t have an ORCID ID, how do I register for one?

Registering for an ORCID identifier is easy. Simply register for one during the manuscript submission or revision process in ACS Paragon Plus. Alternatively, you can register for an ORCID identifier directly through ORCID’s website or through your ACS Paragon Plus profile.  

What is ORCID?

ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor Identification.  ORCID is an open, non-profit, global, community-driven initiative to disambiguate authors of scholarly work and to better connect researchers to their research output and to each other.  ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher, and linkages that ensure your work … Continue reading “What is ORCID?”

Achemso: Use of the /phone Macro

The phone command in LaTeX is related to the fax command and if the fax is not inserted, by default settings, the phone number will not appear in the resulting PDF. The following sequence needs to be added to the command line (safest place would be just below documentclass to … Continue reading “Achemso: Use of the /phone Macro”

How can I access ACS ParagonPlus using Internet Explorer 11?

Please use this URL to access Paragon Plus if you are getting an error with Internet Explorer 11. https://faq.acs.org/paragonplusie11