I have been told I need to deposit my work in a funder or institutional repository. What are my options with ACS?

ACS published authors have the following options:

  • As per current policy, ACS authors required by funder or institutional mandate to deposit their work may self-deposit the accepted manuscript for open access 12 months after original publication.  (They may make the actual deposit sooner, as long as they make the repository aware of embargo restrictions.)  There is no fee or additional license required for this.
    • o   Note: the accepted manuscript is the article, after peer review, but before publisher enhancements such as copy-editing, formatting, etc.
    • o   A PDF version of accepted manuscripts is readily available within ACS Paragon Plus for authors to submit with any supplemental information to the NIH's manuscript submission system.
    • o   Note: Authors may not self-archive a digital file of the final published article (i.e. the article after publisher’s enhancements such as copyediting and proofreading- usually found in .pdf or HTML) unless they have selected one of the ACS AuthorChoice options.
    • o   Note: Authors wishing to deposit the accepted manuscript version of their work to meet institutional or funder requirements no longer have to seek written permission from the Editor of the ACS journal that originally published the article.
  • Authors wishing/required to deposit the final published article in a repository should elect for ACS AuthorChoice or ACS AuthorChoice+12. Under these programs, ACS will deposit the final published article in a repository specified by the author so long as the repository accepts the deposit under the terms of ACS Certified Deposit. More information is available here http://pubs.acs.org/page/certified_deposit.html.
    • o   ACS will also provide the authors with a digital copy of their article so they may self-archive the article on their website or other locations.
    • o   In addition, under the terms of the ACS Certified Deposit program, ACS will maintain long-term records verifying the author’s deposit.
    • o   If the author wishes/is required to adhere to a Creative Commons License (e.g., CC-BY), the author may purchase an add-on Creative Commons license to supplement their ACS AuthorChoice selection.