How does the ACS AuthorChoice program impact authors with NIH funder requirements?

To ensure compliance with NIH’s Public Access Policy, ACS Publications provides authors with the following 3 options:

1. Purchase any ACS AuthorChoice open access license. ACS handles deposit to PubMed Central (PMC).

  • ACS AuthorChoice provides open availability of the final published article (i.e. the Version of Record) on the ACS Publications website immediately or 12 months after publication, at prices as low as $750.
  • Under ACS AuthorChoice, the final published article will be automatically deposited by ACS to PMC through ACS Certified Deposit.
  • NIH policy allows authors to use grant or contract funds in payment of ACS AuthorChoice open access publishing fees. For more information, see NIH Public Access Frequently Asked Questions.

2. Redeem your ACS Author Rewards to offset ACS AuthorChoice fees. ACS handles deposit to PMC.

3. Self-deposit the accepted manuscript to PMC for open access 12 months after publication.

  • No fee or additional license required.
  • A PDF version of accepted manuscripts is readily available within ACS Paragon Plus for authors to submit with any supplemental information to the NIH's manuscript submission system.
  • Authors will be asked by NIH to check the fidelity of PMC's file conversion process.

Questions? See New Compliance Steps for NIH-Funded Authors at the following URL: