CAS CA Section Subject-Based Tagging FAQs


What ACS Publications content is categorized by CAS?

CAS categorizes scholarly content, which includes, but is not exclusive to, the following article types: research articles, perspectives, communications, reviews, letters, and additions and corrections. Tags have been applied to articles in the front file (articles published from 1996 forward). Some examples of content that are not categorized are book reviews, editorials, and news and views.

Why is category information included only for the front file?

The CA Section categories have been updated over time. In order to ensure a consistent user experience, section categorizations have been limited to the front file. However, the section information for articles published prior to 1996 is still available in SciFinder Reference Details.

What are the 80 CAS Sections?

You can view a full list of the 80 CA Sections at

How long does it take for an article to be assigned a CA Section?

It will take 2-3 days for articles to be assigned a CA section.

How are subjects assigned?

Subjects are assigned via intellectual review with some system support. Abstracts are assigned to a section according to the novelty of the process or substance that is being reported in the literature.