What OSS can do in NetFORUM & PMA?

The ACS Office of Society Services (OSS) can make most of these changes in PMA and then it passes the info to NetFORUM - they are not supposed to be updating member records directly, but this is their workaround. Feel free to send any of these types of requests to OSS - if it is more complicated and they cannot assist then they will pass it on to ACS Member & Subscriber Services (M&SS). They are in the same email system so they can just transfer the ticket over to their queue.

  • Confirm member number
  • Confirm active membership status (but not more details such length of time, when renewal is due, etc)
  • Confirm ACS ID registration
  • Change mailing address
  • Change email address
  • Change password

NOTE: PMA means Portal Admin. It is essentially administrative access to the "Edit My Profile" function for the ACS ID and allows OSS to update a customer's profile for them.