How to reset my password?


For security reasons, ACS Paragon Plus will not send you your current password. Instead, by entering your primary email address in the 'Forgot your User ID and/or Password?' field, you will be provided with a link to reset your password. 


When a User enters an e-mail address into the "Forgot Your User ID and/or Password" field, the system will send an e-mail containing a link to the page where the User is able to reset the ACS Paragon Plus password.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not receiving e-mails from Paragon Plus, or if someone to whom you are sending e-mails is not receiving them when you send them through Paragon Plus, it is likely that the receiving server is filtering out spoofed e-mails. To correct the problem, the intended recipient needs to contact their IT department, asking them to “whitelist” the following server: Whitelisting the ScholarOne server marks it as a valid e-mail sender.