How can I insert the Special Characters and How can I proof my images while viewing an HTML proof in Paragon Plus?


Special Characters Palette

The ACS Paragon Plus Environment converts text entries entered in text fields to HTML. A keyboard palette is provided to enter symbols and special characters where appropriate.

Place your cursor in the text field at the point where you want to insert a character or apply formatting and then click .


Click directly on a character in the palette to insert it. Clicking  allows you to view the text (and verify the HTML code has been inserted correctly).

Image Spy

So that you can proof your images carefully (while viewing an HTML proof), ScholarOne Image Spy functionality permits zooming and panning of images when these are uploaded separately as "Graphic for Manuscript".

Clicking on an image file in the "Files Uploaded" section will open the image in the main window:

Click the 'ScholarOne Image Spy' link. The image opens in an Image Spy window and instructions for use are displayed: