Frequently Asked Questions about “Just Accepted” Manuscripts

  • What is a Just Accepted manuscript?

    Just Accepted manuscripts are accepted peer-reviewed manuscripts that are posted online prior to technical editing, formatting for publication and author proofing.

    Just Accepted manuscripts appear in full as PDF documents accompanied by HTML abstracts. They are available to subscribers and citable by the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The DOI for the manuscript is persistent for all iterations; in other words, the Just Accepted manuscript has the same DOI as the ASAP (As Soon As Publishable) Article. The DOI remains constant to ensure that citations to Just Accepted manuscripts link to the final scientific article of record when it becomes available.

    The manuscripts posted as Just Accepted are not the final scientific version of record; the ASAP Article (which has been technically edited and formatted) represents the final scientific article of record. The Just Accepted version is removed from the ACS Web site upon publication of the ASAP Article.

  • Why is ACS discontinuing the Just Accepted Manuscript service?

    Due to our improvements in the median time from acceptance to publication of the ASAP, an increase in options for authors to share their work, and determination that our researchers tend to favor the ASAP version of the article, we will be discontinuing JAMs. 97% of authors that publish in our journals that do not offer JAMs still report they are very satisfied with the speed of publication of their manuscript.

  • How much has speed to ASAP publication improved?

    The median time from acceptance to publication of the ASAP is less than two weeks due to improvements in ACS processes and development of tools like ACS Direct Correct. The speed of processing of articles in final form obviates the need for a transient version of a posted unedited manuscript such as JAMs.

  • When will JAMs be discontinued?

    JAMs which will be phased out by September 30, 2020. The last JAMs will be published on or before this date and authors will no longer be able to select the option to post their accepted work as JAMs from August 14, 2020.

  • How else can ACS authors rapidly share their research?

    ACS Publications offers authors a number of options to share their work as early as possible, including ACS Author Choice and a link through which they can share up to 50 free e-prints of their published article once it is published ASAP. Authors can also put their research immediately out on ChemRxiv and share it with scientists and colleagues prior to formal peer review.